HOVENID NEWS | HID华文国际荣获2021金腾奖年度公共空间大奖

本站 2022-02-04 23:50:00


On December 15, in Beijing, the fifth awarding ceremony and annual design fashion grand ceremony of 2021 jinteng award were grandly held, and the list of winners was grandly announced. The Chinese international design work "Shenzhen domestic waste classification Science Popularization Education Museum" won the "annual public space Award" of jinteng award.



In 2021, JINTENG AWARD launched a competition for 3,330 works in residential apartment, villa, real estate, hotel, restaurant, office, public and commercial space categories, as well as furniture design and public welfare design, which lasted for more than seven months. In the fifth year of golden Golden Award, the jury and the evaluation system have been optimized and upgraded again, with four rounds of evaluation including audition, preliminary review, review and final review. The specially invited professional jury will check the entries layer by layer and select the grand prize and gold prize works according to the principle of fairness and justice.

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