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缪斯设计奖(MUSE Design Awards)获奖名单最近隆重揭晓,华文国际设计作品《深圳市生活垃圾分类科普教育馆》从全球近5万件作品中脱颖而出,荣获2021美国 MUSE 缪斯设计奖铂金奖!

美国缪斯设计奖创办于美国纽约,是一项针对来自各设计领域创意专业人士及公司的国际设计竞赛,该奖项由美国国际设计奖项协会(IAA)主办,是全球创意设计领域最具影响力的国际奖项之一,International Awards Associates(IAA)长期以来联合超过50国,共计130位以上的国际评审,展开5种系列赛事。其中最为火热的赛事「Muse Design Awards」,面向建筑、室内、产品、时尚等广泛领域征集设计作品,发掘和支持各行业处在上升期的设计师。

The American Muse Design Award was founded in New York, USA. It is an international design competition for creative professionals and companies from various design fields. The award is hosted by the American International Design Awards Association (IAA) and is the most influential in the global creative design field. One of the international awards, International Awards Associates (IAA) has long been uniting more than 130 international judges from more than 50 countries to launch 5 series of events. Among them, the most popular competition, "Muse Design Awards", collects design works in a wide range of fields such as architecture, interiors, products, and fashion, and discovers and supports designers in various industries that are on the rise.

美国缪斯设计奖的主旨为 “征服变革”:

The theme of the American Muse Design Award is "Conquering Change":
Time will not stay for anyone, it will bring changes and make history. Although our world is constantly changing, we are still constantly adapting and overcoming. At Muse, we know those who are above change. Their creations have written history, and their designs have withstood the test of time; their works reflect their considerations for the future, and at the same time lead latecomers. Direction; their works shoulder the heavy responsibility of the future, indomitable, and overcome changes, even though everything is unknown

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